Right Solutions,
Right Long-Term Results

Reduce Your Total Cost of IT Ownership and Increase Productivity

At ACP, we deliver value by implementing the right IT solutions — not just competitive hardware pricing.

The right solutions mean less downtime and maintenance over the long term, and increased productivity. You’ll reduce your total cost of ownership, achieve your business objectives and increase revenue.

And those are results you won’t get by simply shopping for the lowest upfront hardware cost.

Give Us 1% of Your Trust. We’ll Earn the Rest.

How will we do it? By getting to know your IT environment as well as you do. By always being available and focused on your goals. By heading off problems before they happen. By never pushing you toward any one technology brand. And by always working toward the best solution for you.

Our People

We Work the Way You Want Us to Work

From your organization’s payment terms, to unforeseen changes in project requirements, to crises needing immediate attention — we’re ready to respond, adapt, accommodate and resolve.

We're Flexible

Need 34,000 Desktops Imaged and Shipped Fast?

We do that. We’ve got all the resources needed for scaling up fast and handling nationwide rollouts and technical projects.

We're Scalable

ACP is a true partner. They’re more focused on the solution than the sale.

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